Alexandra Holownia Performance Art

Alexandra Holownia born in Wrzesnia/Poland. Works and lives in Berlin/Germany. Graduate in Desing at the Art University Poznan/Poland. Postgraduate in Stage and Costume Design at the Fine Art Academy Warszawa/Poland and Postgraduate in Art at Context (Project Management ) at the Art University (UdK) Berlin/Germany.


Art Basel schon jetzt erleben

In the 1980s began working in Polish states theaters as a stage designer and costume designer for spectacels in: Buffo Theater in Warsaw, the Cyprian Norwid Theater in Jelenia Góra and the Nowa Stage in Poznań.

In 1983-84 collaborated with the Warsaw Pantomime Studio Kineo . In the 1980s also presented her solo performances in Warsaw galleries: Studio Dziekanka and Stodola.

In 1986 won a multimedia competiton by the design department -group Stoffwechsel at the University of Fine Arts in Kassel/Germany and shown own performance Ulisses on the MuKu Multimedia Arts Festival in K-18 hall in Kassel/Germany.

In 1988-90 cooperated with the Theater Movie in Kassel/Germany.

In 1990 presented performance at the Art Nürnberg 5 in Nuremberg/Germany, and at the gallery Schaufenster and at the Factory in Kassel/Germany.

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1995-99 cooperated with the gallery La Mama and Theater LaMama in New York/USA

In 2004–2006 appeared in public space in Berlin. These were projects support by the Berlin Senate : Two Nights, All Souls, Art Figures, Communication Art.

Since 2007, make guerilla walking performance in public spaces in the context of art fairs and art biennale or documenta in Athens, Berlin, Basel, Brussels, Kassel, Copenhagen, London, New York, Miami Beach, Paris, Venice, Zurich.

2009-2011 lectured performance at the private acting school Theacademie in Berlin. 2015 to 2017 played at the performance Gala by french choreographer Jerome Bel in the Theater HAU 1 in Berlin

Alexandra Holownia’s performances are based on sculpture, costumes created by the artist and movement. Mostly rely on interacting with the audience. Reflects on topics feminism, breaking taboos and women’s rights overthrowing patriarchy

Alexandra Holownia collaborated with musicians: Bogdan Mizerski, Ernst Joachim Cziesla, Jonathan Thorpe, Anne Germanique, Ibukun Sunday and choreographer Jederek Ezone, actress: Natascha Mattmüller (Tertre), dancers: Etcha Dvornik, visual artists: Zuzanna Czajkowska, Waldemar Kremser, Wanda Tiersma, Cally Trench, Turbo Jambon, curators: Manuel Schelwiller, Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin, Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith, Amy Dignam, Ema Mano Epps, Nenad Bogdanovic, Lilia Scheerder, Satardu Sovan, Qing Cai, Hector Conganone, Charo Oquet, Eric Ginsburg, Amanda Caldon, Lucy Tammam, Anette Friedrich Johannessen, Mia Oquist, Ronald Bal, Va-Bene Fiatsi, Danyang Zo, Noel Molloy, Rau Rau Ridwan, Ras Sankara Agboka, David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo, Charls R. Ryder, Janani Cooray, Anthi Pafiou, Petros Konnaris, Antonin Brinda, Youan Xu, Clare Carswell, Andreas Hoffmann, Wang Lan, Christian Jankowski, Piotr Kozakiewicz, Pulak K.Sankar, Joanna Mayes, Carolyn Kennett, Sean Worrall, Leszek Golec…

Since 2014 participated in performance festivals:

2014 Performance Festival Kolo Czasu, Center for Contemporary Art – Torun, Poland
2016 Cabaret Voltair Manifesta 11 Zurich, Switzerland
2016 GZ Art Basel, Switzerland
2016 Venice Art Hause Gallery, Palazzo Ca´Zanari Venice, Italy
2017 NeXus – Performance Festival in Edge Zones Art Gallery, Miami Floryda, USA
2018 Performance Art Academy Rotterdam, Netherlands
2018 GZ Art Basel, Switzerland
2018 Crossings, International Art Performance Festival Praugue, Czech Republic
2018 In Beeld Art and Performance Festival Antwerp, Belgium
2018 All Night Long Performance Festival, Lithrodontas, Cyprus
2019 Crossings, International Art Performance Festival, Praugue, Czech Republic
2019 Extrapool Sessions, Nijmegen, Netherlands
2019 BAP Bergen Performace Art Festival, Bergen, Norway
2019 Filia Art, Tammam Atelier, London, UK
2019 PerForMia in Edge Zone Gallery Art Basel Miami Art Week, Miami/USA
2020 KIPAF Kolkata International Art Performance Festival, Kolkata/India
2020 perfocraZe Performance International Artist Residence, Kumasi/Ghana

2020 Epiphania Visuales virtual performance Dhaka Bangladesh

2020 Hexxyduxxybox Dehli/New York, India
2020 Passion for Pride New Dehli, India
2020 IMAF Novi Sad, Serbia
2020 Arts Cabaret Dublin, Irland
2020 Karp Kamina Artist Residence Lome, Togo
2020 Zabih Performance Festival Ukraine
2020 Rewind Art Community Jakarta Indonesia
2021 Crossover Performance Art Festival Singapur
2021 The Jana Performance Art Center Colombo, Sri Lanka
2021 Performance Køkkenet Copenhagen, Denmark
2021 Starptelpa Performance Festival Riga, Latvia
2021 Passion for Pride New Delhi, India
2021 Austral International Art Performance Buenos Aires, Argentina
2021 Pure Land – Taiwan Performance Art Now Live Tour 6, 2021
2021 IMAF Novi Sad, Serbia
2021 Haus der Statistik Berlin, Germany
2021 Transit Station Voices #3
2021 Runt of the Litter London, UK
2021 Charcoal Foundation Bongora, India

2021 Vision 2020:Living Rooms and Loo Rolls – Basement at Bunyan, Bedford, UK

2021 Rewind Art 20, Performance Art Festival Jakarta, Indonesia

2021/2022 Crossover 2 – International Network Performance Art Festival, Singapur

2022 Latitudes Internationales Performance Festival Art de Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia

2022 Performance Festival Spaces/Body/Choise – Whoyait Art space/Hexxyduxxybox – India

2022 PAB Open, Performance Art Festival Bergen, Norway

2022 EMOMA Performance Art Festival Lome Togo

2022 Lancini Gallery Berlin, Germany

2022 Biddy, Fringe Performance Festival, Bath, UK

2022 Various Guerilla actions in open space Berlin, Germany

2022 Overlapping Kassel, Germany

2022 Jazz Festival Montreux Open Stage, Montreux, Switzerland

2022 Echt Jetzt Performance Festival Reutlingen, Tübingen, Stuttgart

2022 Filia Women Conference, Guerilla action Cardiff, UK

2022 Rewindart 21 Performance Festival Jakarta, Indonesia

2022 Goa Moving Images Performance Festival, India

2023 Women`s World Art Performance Evening Pandora Gallery Berlin, Germany

2023 Dartmoor National Parc Art Residency Okehampton, UK

2023 Feminist Art Performance Evening, Hosek Contemporary Berlin, DE

2023 Women`s World II Pandora Gallery Berlin, Germany

2023 Fringe Art Festival Bath, UK

2023 Biddy Performance Art Evening Frome, UK

2023 Art Performance Festival Belgrad, Serbia

a few links and posts from some art performance festivals from Nederland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Norway, Switzerland,

Video Alexandra Fly Dance performance on the Art Performance Festival In Beeld in Antwerp Belgium

Alexandra Fly Dance performance – In Performance Alexandra Fly’s Dance are presented : art cap, hat, scarf, blouse with extra fabric sewn breasts, lips or penis of silk. The visitors could wear these and AlexandraFly shows the dance steps and invite public to fancy dance. Everybody can participate. Everyone can be costumed, dancing and singing. Abstract movements and provocative, funny costumes arousedirectness of physical expression, perception and communication. mediating tolerance but also especially to prove influence Dada to contemporary art.

Idea, Costumes, Dance: Alexandra Holownia, Play: Alexandra Holownia, Music: Bodan Mizerski

Marriage Scary performance

Idea, Costumes, Movement: Alexandra Holownia, Play: Alexandra Holownia,

The performance Marriage Scary touches on the determination of those women seeking release from the traditional sexual roles and existing ideas of beauty.It challenges generally accepted social norms regarding women’s rights in the world. It calls into question gender discrimination imposed by the state. The artist performs with sexist installations including white wedding dresses. The white dress means the virginity of the bride, symbolically confirming the ultimate dream and goal for a woman is marriage. The performance demonstrates the scenario of a marriage based on violence, domination and control over another person’s life by way of changing a white wedding dress into a skirt with a monstrous penis. In this way, she emphasises the right of a woman’s sexual self-determination. Performance Marriage – Scary is based on movement and costumes.

Communications Art performance
Performance Communications Art take place in tram. During the travel, people are engaged to talk about art and to participate to the pop-up tram installation. The Traveling Tram is synonymous with the path that changes with time. Styrofoam heads and notes are distributed to travelers with statements. International passengers can also write their opinions on the subject of art on the preserved objects and formulate their own artistic definition in front of the camera itself.

Idea, objects, costumes: Alexandra Holownia, Play: Alexandra Holownia

Tutelage on Crossings Praque 2019 : Antonin Brinda

Domestic Patriarchy performance -The Performance s a memory of words: You Are Like My Mother, You Are Old and the Sparrow Brain spoken to me by my partners. Sexist language, in many instances, promotes male superiority. Sentences testifies to the deeply rooted patriarchal tradition in the thoughts and behavior of some modern men in Europe who are still ready to humiliate women and see themselves from a privileged position because of gender. The performance is against exclusion, age discrimination, sexism and patriarchy structures in private relations of womans and man.I believe that customs are slowly changing in favor of true equality between women and men.I The performance is played in English. Contains Dialogue, movement, dance, video projections.

Idea, costumes, movement: Alexandra Holownia, Music: Ernst Joachim Cziesla

Domestic Patriarchy performance on IMAF 2020 Festival Performance in Novi Sad Serbia. Video from the Art Performance Festival KIPAF in Kolkata India, filmed by Jessica van Deursen

Patriarchy streets of Kumasi 2020 performance

The artistically characterized heads of white rulers serve as a playing balls. Heads tossed and falling to the rhythm of dance illusive dethrone the patriarchal structures of the colonial world.

Idea: Alexandra Holownia Choreography: Jedderk Ezone

Dance: Alexandra Holownia and Jedderk Ezone

Costumes and props: Alexandra Holownia, Music: Ibukun Sunday

Open Space Market Kumasi Ghana

PerfocraZe Internationale Artist Residence Kumasi Ghana

Alexandra Fly Dance home performance in pandemic time

Alexandra Fly Dance Performance Zoom during the Covid 19 pandemic was played at home for the Hexxy Duxxy Box Performance platform Dheli and New York. She maked movement and improvised dances to the rhythm of traditional music from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Alexandra played with fabrics such as pants with a big textile ass sewn on, a t-shirt with big breasts, a scarf with elements reminiscent of vagine and a large textile colored penis. Breaking the taboo for women’s and gender rights was the goal of this performance. Alexandra Holownia screams: „He says, that he will call me tomorrow, I wait, I wait, manana, manana, oui, oui“. This refers to men who cheat and ignore women, the weak and the others. Alexandra Holownia´s performances are revealed to discriminations and deeply socially rooted global, patriarchal hierarchy of the world.

Idea, Costumes, Dance: Alexandra Holownia

Alexandra Fly Dance in pandemic time on Hexxyduxxybox art performance festival Dehli India

Protest dance to save cultural diversity on 03.10.2022 Berlin Germany with Danyang Zo

What a Wonderful World performance

Alexandra Holownia fulfills her sexual fantasies by putting on colorful panties with sewn-on elements resembling male or female sexual organs. Briefs are put on one after the other, creating a rainbow symbol for the LGBT community. A joyful manifestation of love and tolerance is interrupted by a repeated cough that causes the words I love you to get stuck in the throat. The final dance with the artist’s alter ego doll emphasizes the contrast between the tragedy of a viral disease and the desire to celebrate a joyful life based on the acceptance of different sexual orientations. Alexandra Holownia performances touches on taboo topics related to gender. Demonstrates against exclusion, discrimination based on age, sexism and patriarchy structures in private and public relations of woman and man. Calls for socio-political tolerance, acceptance of human rights and freedom of sexual self-determination.

Idea: Alexandra Holownia, Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin, Costumes: Alexandra Holownia Play: Alexandra Holownia, Video and Photos: Waldemar Kremser

What a Wonderful World performance – Alexandra Holownia ZOOM Art Cabaret Irland 2020

Cheek to the Mask performance

Alexandra Holownia as a artistic figure Alexandra Fly in the performance Cheek to the Masc recreates the climate associated with the global COVID 19 virus Dressed in sterile white coveralls, she puts on surgical masks on the heads of own pop sculptures. It emphasizes the absolut surreal situation related to the isolation, reducated of contacts and hygiene influencing the creativity of artists.

Idea : Alexandra Holownia, Perform: Alexandra Holownia, Sculptures and Costume: Alexandra Holownia, Music: Anne Germanique,Video and Photos: Waldemar Kremser

Rainbow Masks performance

A minimalist performance based on tango by French composer Anne Germanique reflects on isolation during the global Covid 19 epidemic. As well as through the colors of rainbow masks expresses support for the LGBTiQ community and minorities.

Idea, Costumes, Dance: Alexandra Holownia

Music: Anne Germanique

Bride performance

Bride 2021 performance shows ghostly Bride in the City in Beijng or New York. She irritates and warns against marriage,which is often against women and violates international humanitarian law.

Idea, Costumes, Perform: Alexandra Holownia, Music: Anne Germanique

Alexandra Holownia in performance Bride – art performance Kokkenet Copenhagen

Presentation of the achievements of the performances in Togo and Singapur 2020

Lie flat and be free -performance project by Crossover ans Cai Qing

LIPS and LIPS NEW performances

Performances Lips and Lips New is a new version of the LIPS performance. Lips are an important element of the face, focus the interlocutor’s eyesight, affect the overall expression of the face. Beautiful and well-groomed lips with an emphasized, full shape are a showcase of every woman. Performance LIPS shows that the lips are a dream of many women with a perfect sexy look. Alexandre Holownia, playing with the soft lips made of cloth. They are synonymous with sensual, large butox lips. Unfortunately, restrictions heavily blocked by the coronavirus pandemic create conflicts and confuse women used to makeup and plastic surgery. Women in medical masks have lost their dreams of sexy, prominent lips. During a pandemic, the problems of feminism take on a different dimension.

Idea, Costumes, Played: Alexandra Holownia , Music: Anne Germanique

A Doctor performance

„The Doctor “ performance presents a person who wants to heal nature. The Doctor (me) is wearing a Seidemann mask, because of afraid be identified by the society. The Doctor want to help but realize that hardly anyone really cares about improving the changing climatic conditions. And the fight against the pandemic and the virus is a fight against the limitation of human rights. The performance ends with the fall of the doctor, who unfortunately cannot overcome the obstacles alone.

Idea, Costumes, Perform: Alexandra Holownia,

Photos,Video: Waldemar Kremser

Demystification of Vagina performance

Demistification of Vagina – performance by Zuzanna Czajkowska and Alexandra Holownia touches on the determination of those women seeking release from the traditional sexual roles and existing ideas of beauty. It challenges generally accepted social norms regarding women’s rights in the world. It calls into question gender discrimination imposed by the state. The artists dance with sexist installations including white wedding dresses. The white dress means the virginity of the bride, symbolically confirming the ultimate dream and goal for a woman is marriage. Which is typical of a patriarchal culture where a woman should be „chaste“ and therefore humble and controllable. Performance “Vagina demystification” is based on movement and costumes. Performers feel the vagina, which is still taboo in today’s cutter. The main idea behind the performance is the normalization of the vagina, achieved through the grotesque form of the costume and the set design.

Idea, Costumes, Design, Movement – Zuzanna Czajkowska, Alexandra Holownia

Perform – Zuzanna Czajkowska, Alexandra Holownia

2020 Vision: Living Rooms & Loo Rolls – Basement at Bunyan, Bedford , UK until 11th December 2021 Online until February 2022

Video performance Cheek to the Mask in Basement at Bunyan Bredford UK

Rewind Art 20 Community Performance Festival Jakarta 2021, Indonesia

Art Performance Jakarta, Indonesia 2021
Video New Lips in Rewind Art 20 Performance Festival Jakarta Indonesia 2021

2021/2022 Crossover 2 – International Network Performance Art Festival, Singapur

2022 International Performance Festival Latitudes– Boliwia

Performance Hymen

Performance Hymen, Idea, Costume, Drawing, Playing Alexandra Holownia, Music: EJCziesla

2022 Performance Festival Spaces/Body/Choise – Whoyait Art space/Hexxyduxxybox – India

2022 – Performance Art Festival Bergen PAB Open, Norway (1.-4. April)

2022 Performance Art Festival Lome, Emome`Art Togo (25. April – 08. Mai)

Various Guerilla actions in open space Berlin, Germany in Mai 2022 with Qing Cai and Turbo Jambon

Various Guerilla actions on opening 12th Berlin, Germany in Mai 2022

2022 Gallery Lancini, Seelingstr 29, 14059 Berlin, Performance exhibition

with Qing Cai and Luna No Berlin, Germany (25 May to 04 June)

2022 Fringe Art Bath , UK (28. May to 12 June)

Various actions in open space Berlin Germany Mai 2022

Overlapping Kassel Performance Festival

16-26 Juni 2022 Kassel

The Montreux Jazz Festival open stage Monteux in Switzerland 16.Juli 2022

 „Echt jetzt!“- „Freiheit – Regeln“ – Festival des Theaterpädagogischen Zentrums in Reutlingen, Tübingen, Stuttgart

20-24 Juli 2022

Internationale Multimedia Art Festival IMAF 2022 Serbia from 09 to 11.September

Guerrilla Performance FiLia Conference Cardiff UK 2022

Rewind Art 21 -Performance Festival Jakarta Indonesia December 22-23. 2022

Goa Moving Images Performance Festival India December 23 -31. 2022

Women´s World, Performance Art Evening in Pandora Gallery Berlin


04 May 2023 Women`s World 2, Performance Art Evening in Pandora Gallery Berlin, Germany

May 02.2023 Gallery Hosek Contemporary Berlin from 6. performance evening

Fringe Art Performance Festival Bath UK, May 27, 28 in event ThreadED -2023 , curators: AkiaArt, David Block.

Game Performance, image Waldemar Kremser